Tech CEO Shares The Top 3 Smartphone Features Seniors Love

An AARP study on technology trends shows 81% of seniors have adopted the use of smartphones. As the CEO of Senior Savvy, I educate thousands weekly on the tech skills needed to thrive and connect in today’s world. Recently featured in USA Today,  ABC 15 News, and  Fox26 Houston, I am sharing my expertise on the top 3 smartphone features seniors love. These features are available on both Apple & Android devices:

  1. Voice Assistant -Whether you use Siri or Google’s assistant, seniors find using their voice to dictate messages and emails is a game changer! This feature may seem like a nuisance at first, but when you begin to lose the dexterity in your fingers and your vision declines, you’ll be glad you developed a relationship with your voice assistant. 
  2. Customization – There are many ways to customize a device to make it more senior centric. Seniors love the fact that they can see everything on their devices (without readers) after the font has been supersized with bold, high contrasting adjustments. Additionally, with accessibility settings, you can use LED Flash Alerts to make sure you don’t miss an important message, pair hearing aids to devices, and create a custom home button for simpler navigation.
  3. Medical ID – Our smartphones contain valuable apps with pertinent information needed in the event of an emergency. The Medical ID app allows users to create a profile accessible from your lock screen. The profile enables quick access to vital information such as blood type, allergies and medications that are necessary for medical staff to take fast action. It also allows you to share your location with emergency contacts and medical records with physicians.

Please reach out with any questions! I can be reached at 480-544-7060.