Tech CEO Urges You To Give This Tech Gift, Not That One!

A new study from the Consumer Technology Association is projecting tech sales in the 2021 holiday season will hit $142.5 billion, increasing from 2020.  Tech presents are common under the Christmas tree, but if the receiver isn’t tech-savvy, they will cause frustration. 

Today, I am sharing my expertise on how to give the right tech gifts to the ones you love:

  1. Go With What They Know –  Instead of buying your mom the newest tablet, get her one she will know how to use. If she’s an Apple user, don’t convert her to a Kindle Fire user. Get her an iPad instead.
  2. Go Big or Go Home – Instead of buying your dad a new 13 inch ultra-slim Chromebook, get him a 17inch HP laptop. With a generously sized keyboard, he will be far more comfortable and less cramped.
  3. Go Corded or Get Unpaired – Rather than buying Grammie the latest Apple Airpods, get her a really nice pair of Denon neckband in-ear headphones with an option to plug them in. This way, she doesn’t have to deal with the confusion of pairing and unpairing.
  4. Go Bright or Get Lost – When you’re upgrading device cases, a brightly colored one is far easier to spot, than a dark one. Also, our memory associates items with color which makes them even easier to find, especially between car seats and in stacks of paper.
  5. Go Platinum, Not Gold – The Platinum rule for gift-giving is “give them the gift they’ll want, not the one you want them to have.” You may love integrating your devices with your Apple TV, but your folks’ would have more success navigating their TV with a Roku Stick.