Did you know our favorite songs can transport us back to a particular period – or a moment in your life, like stepping into a time machine. Research shows we can retrieve vivid memories by listening to the music we heard years ago. We remember lyrics, dance steps to childhood routines, and can recall how to play an instrument. 

This month, I want to encourage you to listen to your favorite music. There are several free sources you can access on your computer, smartphone, and Smart TV.

Amazon. Prime Music. If you’re a Prime member, Amazon offers you the best music service you didn’t know you had. With a library size of over 2 million songs, you’ll be sure to find your favorites. There is no advertising or commercial breaks and this works with the Alexa that’s been collecting dust on your mantle.

YouTube. You may know YouTube for DIY videos, but there’s also a wealth of songs that will rival the most eclectic collector. Yes, there are advertisements, but you can tap into libraries of your favorite music from your computer and on every Smart TV.

Pandora. If you want to curate and create your own radio stations, Pandora is the way to go. Pandora algorithmically creates stations for every artist, song, and genre. Once a station is made, you can customize it by letting the program know you like certain songs. Pandora is on every Smart TV and on the computer.

Would you like help accessing your favorite music and enjoying sweet times from the past? Reach out to me!