According to a recent travel survey, 122 million Americans are planning on traveling during the 2021 holiday season.

However, on our family’s Thanksgiving trip to see family, I was technologically unprepared! What’s a savvy mom to do? As a tech specialist featured on ABC 15 News,  Fox26 Houston, the Isiah Factor, and USA Today, I want to share my expertise with your viewers so they are set up for success when they travel during the holidays.

I’ve listed 7-holiday tech tips for travelers especially geared to families.

1. E-books – Rather than packing tons of paperbacks, download your ebooks so you can read anywhere, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

2.  Cellular Access – When you don’t have WiFi access, make sure the apps you’ll need such as maps, Yelp, and Tripadvisor allow you access using cellular data.

3. Passwords – At many vacation rentals you’ll need your passwords to log into streaming apps such as Netflix and Prime Video. This may be the first vacation request your kiddos ask of you!

4. Yelp it – Create a list of the highly reviewed, high-interest places your family may want to visit, including nearby restaurants. 

5. Fitness Apps – Download your favorite workouts on your iPad so you can maintain your summer fitness goals.

6. Vary it up – Preload puzzle apps and word games to break up your son’s brain-numbing YouTube streams.

7. USB Power Strip – Bring your USB power strip with multiple AC outlets and USB ports so everyone is not running around looking for the charger!

Please reach out with any questions!