Remote Sessions

Meet with our Tech Support Specialists via Zoom, or in-person for AZ residents.

Learn at Your Pace

At Senior Savvy, we teach things at your pace.  Each session is individualized to fit your needs. Whether you need a quick tip or a deep dive, we can help you figure it out.


Call us (480) 544-7060 or email us at

Gain Tech Skills

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, laptop or desktop computer, we can tackle your tech to-do list to help you gain the confidence you need to thrive in this modern world.

Client Reviews

resident director connie’s Review

“This opportunity has modernized our residents.  It’s brought them up to date on the technology that everyone is using.  Whether it’s iPhones or iPads or Android devices, our residents are able to learn how to use their devices better through Abbie’s Tech Time Workshops.”

community member marilyn’s Review

“The residents at our independent living senior community are absolutely thrilled to learn these things. Allowing these communication tools to evolve so we can participate and have the social interactions where right now we can’t has been wonderful to continue our social engagement.”

community member Martha’s Review

“We each learn what we absolutely need to know about our computers. Abbie has opened lots of windows, helping us learn new skills, build awareness, and most of all develop confidence in trying things out on our own.  I’ve even set up a new computer on my own which I never would have been able to do without Abbie’s teaching.”