Playing online games can help add several more good brain years to your life. Recent studies have shown that you only need five minutes per day on brain-boosting games to increase mental well-being significantly.

This month, I want to encourage you to boost your brainpower by playing some new games online. Sure, you can always play your old favorites, but the ones below are specifically designed to keep you sharp!

Neuro Runner – The sole purpose of this game is to improve memory cognition and speed up your brain. The multi-tasking nature allows one to improve in real-life activities. Available at the App Store and Google Play Store.

Mensa – This website specializes in online games that target concentration, agility, and reasoning. Play challenging games developed by industry experts, tailor your daily program, and train your brain the fun way!

Trivia – If you love trivia, this website has you covered. Trivia is one of the most wanted online games and offers various topics from politics, geography, and even pets!

If you need any help accessing these games, creating a user profile, or downloading from the App Store, please reach out to me!