Tis the season to spring-clean, right – but we forget to apply this time-honored ritual to our precious devices. They desperately need refreshing, just like your dusty curtains. Did you know – dust can inconveniently jam and massively overheat your electronics? 

My name is Abbie, I’m the Tech Guru for Seniors, and I remove tech stress from seniors, so they can thrive in today’s world. When I help clients, I see dust that causes tech issues you don’t want, such as clogged iPad speakers and gunky charging ports.

Here’s my list of 6 Ways to spring-clean your tech! 

  1. Electronics dust spray – When you Swiffer the Levolor’s, grab your can of Electronics dust spray and blast that spray behind your computer & under your mouse. Go to town – it’s that powerful.
  2. Go bright or get lost! A bright device case is easier to locate because our brains associate items with color. 
  3. Keyboard Cleaner – Get last year’s lasagna out of the crevices of the “@” key with the keyboard brush.
  4. Take off your device case – Don’t just clean it. TAKE IT OFF, scrub it down & let it air dry. Better yet, get a new one in a bright color.
  5. Get a new screen protector – This will save you $$$ just like changing your air conditioning filter. 
  6. Declutter your device – Delete old apps you’re not using, clear your cache, and give your desktop a make-over.

I suggest tackling one tip a day, but I know you’re going to taskmaster through these in a New York minute! And if you need a little assistance, there’s no shame in that. Call me, I’ll help you.