A recent report by the U.S. Department, 2.7% of U.S. workers left their jobs in Spring 2021. That’s the highest increase in more than two decades. With so many deciding to ditch their jobs to follow their passions, the question begs, “are they really prepared to be their own boss?”

As a 3rd generation entrepreneur (on both sides!), and the CEO of Senior Savvy, I’ve come to realize you’ve got to have a lot more than a great idea and some moxie these days. Recently featured in USA Today, ABC,  CW and Fox, I am sharing my expertise on three important factors necessary for thriving long-term as an entrepreneur. 

  1. Passion to propel you – As a child I watched my mother use her design talent to decorate her celebrity clients homes (from Barbara Eden to Van Halen). She would wake up with PASSION and a desire to preserve through the most challenging interactions. This innate passion motivates you to stick to your mission.
  1. Resilience to bounce back  – My Papa had his own tailoring company and even made all the Harlem Globetrotters uniforms until mass production took over. He struggled for years until he was able to redirect his custom artistry into casino drapery. It took a while, but he bounced back. You can’t get stuck in your past failures, nor rely on your past successes.
  1. Mentors to guide you – You may be a solopreneur but you need the accountability and wisdom of people who have gone before you. I often will ask my brother, Marketing Guru, and Tony Robbins speaker, Todd Hartley, for business direction. Knowing he has walked the solo path and persevered allows me to take his advice and trust it.

I’d welcome the opportunity to engage in an interactive & dynamic interview with you! Please reach out with any questions! I can be reached at 480-544-7060. My social media links and bio are below. Thank you!

Abbie Richie is the host of Senior Savvy With Abbie (premiering Fall 2021 on SaltboxTV), the founder of Senior Savvy, has been featured on ABC 15 News, Fox26 Houston, the Isiah Factor, USA Today, and Yahoo News. You can reach out to her online at seniorsavvy.net, and on social media where she shares more tech tips via Instagram,  Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.