Here’s what our clients

have to say…

This was my first time attending Abbie’s class and I am so glad I did!  Abbie Richie is so engaging, friendly, and oh so knowledgeable.   I have already used a couple of the tools she taught us to help us navigate the internet safely!  I look forward to more of her classes!

Abbie’s classes are so helpful and informative.  Excellent classes that everyone should know about! 

Abbie provided lots of useful info in her classes.  She is a great teacher, always well prepared, and the classes are awesome.

Peggy on learning something new!

Richard on connecting with others!

Marilyn on confidence!

Alex on learning helpful tips!

Here’s what the Engaged Life Directors have to say…

Connie on freeing up her role!


Aubry on the impact of learning new skills!


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