February is for the one you love!

Senior Savvy + Your Parents = a match made in heaven.

This Valentines Day, give your parents the gift of tech confidence.

TECH CONFIDENCE creates more connection with loved ones via tech whenever they want!

More connection = more time to love.

Do you ever feel like all the time you spend with your parents is spent resetting their forgotten email password? 

Though you love spending time with your parents, does it seem like you are constantly coming over just to fix their printer? 

Have your visits turned into impromptu Geek Squad appointments?

This Valentines Day, instead of fixing paper jams, reviewing Google doc formatting, and installing malware for your folks, let Senior Savvy handle all of this for you.

Senior Savvy specializes in troubleshooting electronics, answering tech questions, and relieving computer stress for older adults, so they won’t need to ask you to fix their phone every time they see you.

Senior Savvy FREES YOU UP to simply be their son or daughter… not their Geek Squad.

Here’s what we do:

Get your time with your parents back!

Purchase a gift card for your folks for Valentines Day and we will either meet them in person or remotely. We’ll answer their questions and help them become tech-savvy so you can enjoy spending time with them again.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Only 4 packages left! Order by February 24th to claim this New Year’s Offer!

Make memories with your parents, not tech repairs.

Price: $ 333.00