Tech support pacakages

Our Tech Support Packages are there when you need a helping hand with your tech.  Get on-demand, one-on-one tech support from anywhere in the world with our Remote Tech Support Packages.  

Remote Tech Support Membership

Have access to unlimited, on-demand tech support for an entire year!  When a tech question comes up, we will be here to help.  Our Tech Support Specialists are on call and ready to help you when you need it most.  Whether it’s installing a software update, learning how to join a Zoom call, or password help, we’ve got you covered.  

Annual Plan: $200?

Monthly Plan: $20/mo? (for 12 months)

Project-Based Remote Tech Support Session

Whether you have a brand new computer to set up, need 1:1 support for a printer issue, or want a deep-dive into your Apple Watch, this project-based remote support is for you!  Receive ?? sessions


Remote Tech Support Single Session

Connect with our Tech Support Specialists for a one-on-one 1 hour remote session.  We will fix whatever is wrong with your device and maybe even teach you something new!

Single Session: $75/hour

client reviews

“You gave me step by step instructions and I followed each one whether they made sense or not, and by the end my project was completed exactly how I wanted.  I appreciate having this information that I as a non-tech person could understand.  Thank you so much for that Senior Savvy!

“You’ve opened lots of windows!  I’ve learned new skills, built awareness, and most of all developed confidence in trying things out on my own.  I’ve even set up a new computer on my own which I never would have been able to do without you enabling me to try new things.  I am so appreciative!”

“Abbie has made a huge impact on our residents during a time of such need.  It was amazing to have her expertise which is such a valuable and sought after resource.  She’s made such a huge positive impact on our most vulnerable by teaching them new skills that connect them with their loved ones.”