Have some big purchases in mind?  Prime Day is Amazon’s annual 48 hour members-only event where they mark down tons of items, from robot vacuums to kitchen appliances to super cheap kindles.  But I have to say, it’s probably the best sale event of the year for TECH DEALS.  If you’re on the hunt for some new tech, read on for some tips on getting the best deal.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping Prime Day is that there is a LOT on sale – plan accordingly!  In fact, it might even look like EVERYTHING is on sale – but do your research!  Whether you are shopping for a vacuum or a laptop, narrow down what you are looking for and do some research on pricing before you go to purchase.  I recommend checking the model of what you’re looking for at a comparable store like Best Buy or Target to make sure Prime is offering the best price. 

A pro tip: look out for Lightning Deals.  These are short-lived deals that are only available for several hours at a time until it runs out.  These will pop up all throughout the 48 hour sale event, so if something you want isn’t on sale, check back later in case it becomes a Lightning Deal!

Now to my favorite part of Prime Day: thousands of electronic devices are on major sale during this event, and I want to share my top Prime Day picks with you!

#1 Fire 10 Tablet
If you’ve been eyeing a tablet, this one is for you!  Known as the “Best Value Tablet”, this model is simple to use and includes all the best features of a good tablet.  Read digital books, listen to music, enjoy social media, and listen to music or podcasts wherever you go.  

#2 Amazon Fire Smart TVs
Smart TVs are my favorite recommendation because they are easy to use and have all the streaming services ready to go.  Just plug it in and enjoy Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming service subscription you have.  Up to 50% for Prime Day!

#3 Chromebook
If you’ve taken any of my classes you know I rave about the Chromebook!  It’s simple and affordable, the way it should be.  The Chromebook strips everything down to JUST the browser, so you can still browse the internet, social media, or watch Youtube videos without all the other features regular laptops bring.  I love this Samsung version because it has tons of storage and has a touchscreen so it doubles as a tablet!

If you end up making a Prime Day purchase, email me and tell me what you got!  And if you need help with set up, we are always here to help.